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Animata Jazz Pub

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jazz animal pub

Animata is a cross-platform open source real-time animation
software for live performance developed in Kitchen Budapest
in 2007.
The software makes it really easy to create scenes with
virtual puppets, which can be moved according to live input
signals received from various physical sensors, microphones
or cameras.
This video demonstrates Animata reacting to live audio


Bence Samu - video, animation, programming
Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp - programming
Janos Gardos - graphics
Gabor Csordas - sound

Reverse Shadow Theatre

about this video

Reverse Shadow Theatre

Reverse Shadow Theatre is an installation created with the Animata real-time animation editor.
Wayang Kulit is the indonesian shadow puppet theater, in which finely carved and painted leather puppets move behind a screen making the audiance see their shadows only. In our installation the situation is reversed. The role of the elaborate puppets is emphasized, while the visitor is a mere shadow trying to control the puppets by her movements.


Bence Samu - animation, video documentation, programming
Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp - programming
Agoston Nagy - sounds

Reverse Shadow Theatre and Animata are developed in Kitchen Budapest in 2007-2008


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